Gta Vice City Maps

tGrand Theft Auto or GTA has been one of the most popular computer and video games of the 21st century. GTA Vice City like other GTA versions (San Andreas and GTA III) was a smashing hit in the homes of video fanatics all around the planet sometime in the early 2000.  But, still with its other versions, the video game has raised a lot of eyebrows because of its violent and explicit content and it being available for distribution on kids. There was an incident way back 2003 when a 17 year old shot 3 cops dead and stole their mobile car. The kid said it was because of playing too much of the GTA games.

Yes, the game is very graphic but the plot is interesting. The game is set on Miami following the story of a man who just recently got out from prison. There a re a lot of shootouts and gang wars, drugs and cocaine, missions and explosions, money and car napping, and other violent and unlawful activities.

Vice City is very much alike with the other GTA series except that this version’s concept took too many ideas from gangster and cop films such as Miami Vice, Carlito’s Way, and Scarface. In Vice City, the player should play out on missions in order to unlock other areas of the city. The more missions the player can perform, the higher his wealth and rep would go.

If you’re a serious player, and wants to be ahead of the game then it is essential that you know every crucial dots on the GTA Vice City maps. These dots show where unique stunts will be performed, where hidden packages will be found, where robberies will take place, and where side missions and rampages will occur. The GTA Vice City maps basically guide you throughout the game.


GTA Vice City maps are color coded, depending on what the player has to perform for the moment. Hidden packages for example, have red square blips. Unique stunt jumps have blue square blips. Rampages have pink square blips. Side missions however, have green (chopper checkpoint missions), blue (RC missions), brown (test track/trial by dirt missions), orange (cone crazy missions), red (shooting range missions), pink (PCJ Playground missions), black (Sunshine Autos Street Race missions), and turquoise square blips (Hyman Stadium Event Missions).

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